welcome to milktoast, delicious friend!

hi hi! this is the personal site for a boygirlamalgamation named quiz! i don't know what i do with this site actually, i guess i mainly make shrines every once and awhile. you will likely gain absolutely nothing from entering this site

i coded all of this on a 1920x1080 laptop and i use firefox. i also test how my site looks on chrome as well. if it looks like ass then zoom out


why milktoast? this site was originally called omoriboy from 2021-2023, but i changed it because i don't feel attached to that game/comic at all anymore. i was going to rename this site ruina but i wanted to change my url to not be associated with any media in particular. so i named it after the company that made that game instead (slash j)!!! i also really really like milk and i like toast. sometimes together even

can i share your site? i don't mind tbh. feel free to share it as long as its not shared somewhere annoying people are. just be warned i barely update im not a frequent coder

can i use your code? no and trust me you don't want it. feel free to take inspiration though as long as its not heavy

can you tell me something nice? if you give yourself something to look forward to at the end of every week, you'll find that it makes living each day easier

update log

[05/08/23] new index layout
[04/08/23] rebranded to milktoast
[05/07/23] sproutmolecolony added
[08/04/23] new head/whitespace
[25/03/23] oz shrine added
[29/12/22] new junkyard layout
[06/05/22] new layout
[08/02/22] layout done
[22/11/21] opening of site
[09/11/21] custom fonts